Using TalkingNames and boringproxy to host Web

I was hoping to use boringproxy to allow public access to a website on a raspberry pi that is connected to a home/private lan (192.168 etc etc). I have looked at the github files and other webpages and videos and downloaded and installed on the raspberry pi. I also see TalkingNames is supposed to be integrated with boring proxy and have watched that video also. The resolution of the videos is very small so it is very hard to see what is actually being done. The videos mention another web server required using Digital Ocean vps ???. is this required and must it be Digital Ocean.??
Can someone tell me what all components are needed to run public access to a raspberry pi website…
Also when I enter my email into the TalkingNames webpage to create account and setup, it should send me a number but it just tells me there is no web server ???

Hey @HobbyBob,

In order to use boringproxy you need at least one device with a public IPv4 address. Usually this would be a VPS. I use DigitalOcean but you could use any VPS provider.

If you don’t want to manage your own VPS, I’d recommend using an alternative like Cloudflare Tunnel or another from my list here:

I’m planning to also offer a paid tunneling service for in the near future. It will be designed for self-hosters but will cost money.

Note that is not necessary in order to use boringproxy, it’s just nicely integrated. You can use any domain registrar (Namecheap is a good one), but you’ll need to set up your DNS records manually.

Also, sounds like may have been down when you tried to log in. Can you try again?