Tunnel not working for Jellyfin

I’ve followed the steps as show in the demo video on a Google VPS, my intention is to allow my Jellyfin server to be accessed remotely by just entering the domain. However, whenever I try to connect to the tunnel created it gives me a the basic “refused to connect, couldn’t find DNS” error, the computer I’m hosting it on connected fine and I’ve had zero visible issues so far. Jellyfin has a guide for this sort of thing but I’ve found it very unhelpful at trying to follow it for Boringproxy. If it’s helpful my domain is hosted by Cloudflare.

Hm not sure what that error is about. I think others have mentioned issues running on Google VPS before though.

Have you tried using Cloudflare Tunnel? Given you already have a Cloudflare account that might be a smoother experience than trying to debug this.

I’m mainly worried about TOS, but I guess I’ll check it out. Do you have any budget VPS recommendations? Preferably free, I’ve tried getting oracle’s but they keep denying my card.

I believe the Cloudflare ToS has gotten a lot better the last few years. I would be very surprised if you run into issues.

I’m not aware of any free VPS providers other than Oracle, but I don’t know a lot about the options.