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As part of our recent launch, we've included a service that might not be immediately obvious.

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Just FYI, the other similar services are nip.io and sslip.io

Currently only supports IPv4.

https://takingnames.io/ip-domain page returns 2600-1234-5677--1234.ip.takingnames.live IPv6 domain name for me, which does not work (does not resolve). This is because takingnames.io is IPv6-enabled and my browser opens it over IPv6.

Hey @ValdikSS. You’re right that this won’t work from your browser. However, most HTTP clients should allow you to override the IP version. With cURL for example you can do this to get an IPv4 domain from takingnames.io:

curl -ipv4 https://takingnames.io/ip-domain

I want to add IPv6 support eventually but it’s not there yet.