TakingNames.io - Domain names for self-hosters

We are stoked to announce the launch of the TakingNames.io open beta.

TakingNames.io is the first domain name provider built especially for self-hosters. In the process, we aim to lower the barrier of entry for self-hosting and make data ownership accessible to more people. We want to make buying and using a domain name as simple as having a phone number.

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Nice! Just ordered a domain yesterday and set up my @ record. Haven’t tried the api yet, but looking forward to testing it out in the coming days.
Keep up the good work!

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Thank you for your business! Definitely let me know if you run into any issues. It’s still early and there are likely to be some rough edges.

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Hi, I am somewhat confused on where the boringproxy server should be run. Do you need to run it on virtual host with a static IP booked on some hosting provider ?

Hey @lenkite. Yeah the boringproxy server needs to have a public IP address, and usually needs to bind to ports 80 and 443.

Great to see Borinproxy.io and Takingnames.io
I love the idea behind it, it’s so innovative and hassle-free.

I run a Plex server in the US but I’m behind CG-NAT and cannot open any ports to the internet to remote access the server in India for my family. Currently, remote access is through Plex Relay, and stream quality is super lower when remote accessing my server. I tried Zero-tier, Ngrok, and all but the stream quality wasn’t the best. Could you make a guide that I can securely remote access my Plex Server through takingnames.io I’m ready to purchase a domain, all I care about is a direct connection to my Plex server for better stream quality?

Waiting to hear from you.
Thanks a lot.

Hey @sharvinzlife. Plex should be pretty straight forward. You just need to know what port it runs on then basically follow along with the demo video on boringproxy.io.

The trickier part is getting boringproxy server running on a VPS. If you’re not comfortable with that part, you might be better served with Cloudflare Tunnel for the moment. But stay tuned, I’m working on adding a tunneling service directly to TakingNames.io. It’s designed for self-hosters instead of just developers, so will be easier to use and have solid performance for things like video streaming.

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Wonderful, I’ll check it out!

I’m really waiting for your tunneling service through Takingnames.io. You’re awesome!

Thanks for your help and your great free services for people around the globe!

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This is pretty cool. Will you allow to prepay domains for multiple years? I’d like to register domains for 10 or 20 year horizons.

Hey @ckid. Yeah I’m planning to add longer registration periods eventually. I think normally 10 years is the max. Are you aware of any registrars that are longer than that?