Setting Up boringproxy with Docker

My setup:
I have a home server running OMV with multiple docker containers. My home does not have a dedicated ip (crappy rural wireless internet with batch ips for multiple customers), so I have a VPS with RackNerd to run a boringproxy server.

I created the server in a docker container using the instructions at and got the access token from the .json file and was able to login to the GUI from my home computer.

I created the client in a docker container as well using the instructions and modified the file like:

version: '3.7'
    container_name: boringproxy-client
    restart: unless-stopped
    command: ["client", "-server", "{address to the GUI}", "-token", "{mytoken}", "-client-name", "TheBeast", "-user", "admin", "-acme-email", "{myemail}", "-cert-dir", "/certmagic"]
      - certmagic:/certmagic
      - /etc/ssl/certs/:/etc/ssl/certs/:ro

I confirmed that the server saw the client and tried to setup a tunnel

That’s going to another docker container on the same machine as the client with port 2207 exposed. However, when I go to the address, I get:
Get "http://localhost:35853/": dial tcp connect: connection refused

I’ve got an A record that points the subdomain for that tunnel to the VPS, and I can connect via SSH from home, so it shouldn’t be a firewall issue. Does anybody have any ideas?

Oh! Does the client docker container need to have a port exposed?

Ugh! Found the issue. Apparently some wireless networks don’t support TLS. I had to use a VPN to connect. Ridiculous…

That is very odd but glad you got it working!