[Self host][issue] Add Tunnel page can't see client name which is owned by none admin user

App Version: v0.10.0 (server ubuntu and client window)
Description: The Tunnel page can’t see client name which is owned by none admin user.
0. Login with default admin token

  1. Create user nonadmin1 which is not admin user
  2. Create client client-nonadmin1 which is owned by nonadmin1
  3. Generate token for nonadmin1 and limit to client client-nonadmin1
  4. Run client with token at step 3, user at step 1, client name at step 2
  5. Refresh the add tunnel page
    Result: client name is not updated with client-nonadmin1
    Question: Should client name update with the client-noneadmin1 after refreshing the Add Tunnel page? Do I miss something?

I found the solution. We must generate nonadmin1 token which accept all clients. This action will give the user nonadmin1 the token that is used to access the dashboard. This dashboard will be limited to clients which related to the user and can’t create user (Users page not shown) as this user is not the admin user.

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Hey @nhonch, sorry for the late response, but I believe you found the correct solution.

Thank you, I found the solution. One more question: I try to tunneling a http (not https) with TLS Termination is Passthough but It’s not working I can’t access the endpoint. So how can I access the http service?

boringproxy doesn’t support HTTP (only HTTPS, TLS, or raw TCP), and it’s not something I recommend in general. Can you explain more what you’re trying to do and why it needs to be HTTP?

Actually I just test on abilities of boringproxy. It doesn’t need to support HTTP.
Thanks you @anders for boringproxy. It’s really helpful!

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