Seeding torrent via Transmission client behind a NAT

Hi, I need to seed a torrent but my internet connection doesn’t allow it so I can’t share my file via bittorrent. I found the awesome-tunneling page on github but there are a myriad of tools and I can’t decide which one might be right for me. I use the Transmission client and I use Windows 10. The port used by Transmission for incoming connections is 51413. Testing the port, it tells me that it is closed.
Since I’m a beginner, I can’t even establish the type of tunnel that would allow me to share my local file via bittorrent.
P.S. I would like to achieve my purpose without using VPS.

Sincerely, Nicola

Hey @nicovon, saw your other message but sorry I forgot to respond to it!

I’m not super familiar with torrents. You’ll need a tunneling tool that does at least raw TCP, maybe UDP as well but I’m not sure.

I believe essentially what you need to do is set up the tunnel to proxy local port 51413, then use the public address of the tunnel (provided by the service, usually a domain name + port) for your torrent client.

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Thanks for the reply. Uhm… so raw tcp is the key. Okay, I’ll look for this tool and when I have the domain name + port, I’ll see how I can set up the torrent client with this information.

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…but is it always necessary to have a server, a VPS that has public access to the internet? Are there no instances ready to use? In practice, if I needed to seed a 1GB file, will the server/VPS traffic be 1GB?

Some services have servers that you can use, others you need a VPS or at least a public IP. Have you tried Cloudflare Tunnel? It’s probably the highest quality free option, and I’m pretty sure they support TCP and UDP.

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Also I definitely don’t recommend seeding data you don’t have the rights to distribute.

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Of course, these are my files.

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Thanks again, I’m stuck at this point and I don’t know how to fill in these fields:

So is a public hostname always necessary?
where can I get a valid public hostname? I mean, suitable for my purpose of use.

Hm pretty sure you should be able to have Cloudflare provide you with a hostname. Are you following the docs here?