Running game servers publicly through boring proxy

Hello! I just set up boring proxy to route all my service through a vps server and the setup has been a breeze. Really love boring proxy.

I was wondering if it was posibble to route game servers (like minecraft, using TCP) with boring proxy. I’ve tried a couple things but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Sorry if my question is abit weird, i’m pretty new to netowrking, and thanks in advance!

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Hey @Pixy, sorry for the late response.

TCP should generally be possible with a little extra setup. Your server sshd_config needs to have GatewayPorts set to clientspecified (or yes, but that’s less secure and not necessary for boringproxy). This allows sshd to listen on all network interfaces, instead of just localhost (, which enables access from the internet. The normal tunnel setup would only allow connections from the boringproxy reverse proxy over locahost.

Other than that, when creating the tunnel in the admin dashboard you should just need to set Tunnel Port to an internet-accessible port on your server and check Allow External TCP.

So let’s say you have a TCP game server running on port 9008 on your client machine, and are using the domain, and you want to use port 9016 on the server. You would set it up like this:

Tunnel Port: 9016
Allow External TCP: ✔️

Then when accessing the game server you would connect to