[Request] Support for protocols other than http such as minecraft, game servers, voice servers, etc

Title says it all. An awesome feature would be to have the ability to pass protocols other than http through boringproxy to allow for a “hamachi” like experience where no port forwarding is required for people to setup game servers. Not urgent in the slightest but a cool feature none the less!

Note that boringproxy does work for raw TLS tunnels. And the next release features the tuntls command which lets you bind a local port which you can communicate plain TCP with and it will tunnel it all the way to the other end inside TLS.

The problem is that games generally use UDP, which is indeed not supported. Games also are generally very sensitive to latency and adding a hop for the proxy server is not ideal.

I’d recommend looking into something like Tailscale for this. They default to setting up the network peer-to-peer by using NAT traversal, and fall back to relays if they have to. The main downside is they don’t automatically help you set up forwarding from a domain name. But for something like games this is much less of an issue.

In the long wrong, I’m definitely considering building more of a full VPN-type system which would handle UDP/TCP in both directions, but this would be a ways out and there’s a good chance it won’t happen.

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