Replace Cloudflare Tunneling?

Good Evening All,

I stumbled across BoringProxy and TakingNames during my hunt to get Mastodon working on my Mac Mini Intel x64 server that I bought during 2020. I currently run Emby there, together with the various Narrs and SAB. I have used the cheapest Linode at $5 a month to run Boring Proxy and all is well.

I would like to have BoringProxy run on the Linode and tunnel from my Mac. There are services there that run via Docker and native apps, but all different ports, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Is the video going to be an issue via Linode?

@anders Bumping for you!

@Fingerz91 Haven’t used Linode before but that shouldn’t be a problem. You rent the machine and technically you can do anything (legally) there, just paying for the network fee if any. I understand the concern of serving video breaking ToS 2.8 in Cloudflare lol, but you’re self-hosting. Should be fine.

btw I’m doing something similar here with Cloudflare Tunneling my Jellyfin server. I’m a single user … so hopefully won’t get banned.

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I would say if Cloudflare works for you, use that. It will be simpler, cheaper, and more reliable. You’re unlikely to have a problem with ToS, and if that happens you can always switch at that time.

That said, video would probably work fine in the setup you propose. And if you’re concerned about Cloudflare spying on you, then something e2e encrypted like boringproxy has privacy advantages.

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