Remote file has no length. No such file or directory

I am running an Ubuntu VPS on Hetzner from a user with sudo priveleges. I am using the web console on Hetzner website. I am trying to run the curl command for linux x86 from boring proxy website

The Command is:
curl -LO

It results in:
curl: Remote file name has no length!
curl: (23) Failed writing recieved data to disk/application
-bash: // No such file or directory

The exact same command pasted into terminal on my local Ubuntu works fine. Does anyone know what I might need to change on my Hetzner Cloud VPS in order to get the curl command to work? It is Ubuntu 22.04. I had issues getting ssh keys to work with this newly created vps, though I had it working on an earlier one. So I was trying to just do everything from the web console. I created a user with sudo priveleges and was using that to access the server in the web console.

Sorry if this is obvious or I am doing something wrong; I am not experienced.

Hi @msdosfx,

This is very strange behavior. I can confirm that the command works for me. My best guess is the VPS firewall is blocking the request. Or maybe GitHub is blocking your VPS IP address for some reason. The IP may have been used for something nefarious in the past.

I would first try wget instead of curl. Then I would try running curl with -v and seeing if it gives you any more information. Then I would try a fresh VPS with a different IP address.