Portmap.io free/ paid tunnel. Custom domains, OpenVPN+ ssh

Has anybody looked at portmap.io , free/paid project with ssh and OpenVPN tunnel access that allows custom domains in the $4/ month tier?

I like this since OpenVPN allows both udp and TCP, plus you can tunnel through http/s and have a CNAME for custom domain without port numbers. Does auto SSL install.

Probably better to start with udp in Configuration, then map using http/s to 80/443 to get a:
sub.customdomain CNAME my-port.portmap. io in your DNS settings.

UDP choice could avoid the tcp-over-tcp issue given OpenVPN now has UDP tunnel ( which can carry UDP or TCP traffic.)

I checked anders’ list of other tunnel projects and this is missing !

So I am wondering: can someone provide some notes on building a self hosted version of portmap. io because a big drawback is the limited servers, and latency can be important.

Of course no reverse proxy here, but shouldn’t be too difficult to add later…

Hey @A_Mian, have you considered using a WireGuard-based solution? It’s much simpler and better than OpenVPN for a lot of use cases.

Yes a portmap .io self hosted version of WG would be ideal !

There are some online guides to do that with both udp and TCP traffic and traefik proxy which has proxy protocol + other features that free nginx doesn’t…

Of course a QUIC version would be interesting too.

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