Port of Confusion

Trying to determine if bearing proxy will work for my needs. I have a ubuntu VPS server which I intend to move my wife’s wp site to. This will obviously leverage port 80/443. Now I also have a shed in the woods with Starlink and a Mac mini running Plex and a few other services. I’d like to tunnel to Plex (shed in the woods) from my VPS server. As well expose 3-4 web sites running on the Plex Server.

Problem … looks like boringproxy uses port 80/443 which would by default collide with any web servers running on the VPS.

Thought … nginx can be installed using custom ports. Has anyone tested boringproxy->nginx->local|remote web apps. As well as tunneling boringproxy->remotetcp along side the nginx tunnel. Possible solution?

Hi @bonnerkirkd. Any reason you can’t cut out nginx and just use boringproxy as your reverse proxy? It’s fairly light on features (no caching, compression, etc) but works great for my personal use (boringproxy.io, TakingNames.io, and apitman.com all run through my personal boringproxy instance).

For services running on the same machine as the boringproxy server, the way you would do it from the web UI is to create a tunnel with the Tunnel Port set to whatever the service is using (rather than random), and leave the client blank.

Hello Anders! How did you configure https on your sites? I have two machines on Proxmox: one with TurnKey Wordpress and one on which I installed Debian to tunnel through the Cloudflare Tunnel. I managed to connect my site ricardo.vc hosted on my Turnkey Machine, but it is just http. Could you tell me how or if I could tunnel through https with Cloudflare Tunnel? If not, with boringproxy would this be possible? I appreciate your help, in my new in this job.

Hi @Ricardo_Z_Vendramini, I replied in your other thread.