Pointing to a server in LAN

I’m a bit new when it comes to tunneling, but how do I make boring proxy point to a LAN ip address?

In short, I have a HTTP server running on local machine with IP of, on port 7860. The boring proxy server is on different IP, so it cannot use localhost for connecting etc.

Should this setup below work? I cannot get it to connect using any settings.

Hi @risse. You need to run the boringproxy client on the same machine as the HTTP server, and connect it to the boringproxy server to tunnel traffic. If you don’t need the tunneling, then essentially you’re just using boringproxy as a reverse proxy. Currently this sort of works, but only supports services running on localhost. This is not recommended anyway. boringproxy isn’t a particularly good reverse proxy. I’d recommend Caddy for that.

If you like GUI configuration for your reverse proxy, I’ve heard good things about nginx + nginx proxy manager