noVNC through boringproxy

Has anyone tried tunneling a noVNC session through boringproxy?

On localhost everything works with websockify and websockets, starting the python server that’s included with noVNC, but the server refuses to connect when tunnelling through boring proxy - the JS interface shows up but is stuck on connecting

I know this is quite specific but maybe someone made it work!


For anyone reading this I switched to using rathole, which seems to support websockets out of the box GitHub - rapiz1/rathole: A lightweight and high-performance reverse proxy for NAT traversal, written in Rust. An alternative to frp and ngrok.

That does mean you have to handle SSL all by yourself (transfer from server to client) which isn’t really optimal but hey.

Would’ve loved to keep using boringproxy!

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Hey @v3d2, sorry for the late response. Just getting back from vacation and boringproxy support took a back seat while I was gone.

Glad rathole is working for you. It’s an excellent project and I think adding features much more quickly than boringproxy. boringproxy pretty much does everything I need it to, so I don’t update it often.

If websockets support was the only thing holding you back, the way to make it work with boringproxy is to set TLS Termination to Client raw TLS.