No SSH authorized_keys file


I’m running BoringProxy on an Ubuntu WSL subsystem on Windows Server 2019.

I installed it successfully. However, I’m getting the above error whenever I try to add a new tunnel. Any idea what the cause is? Please let me know what other information is needed to help debug.

Thank you!

Hey @insomnyak. I’m not sure anyone has tried running boringproxy on WSL yet. Is it the server or the client in WSL? That error means that file is missing on the server, so first thing to check is to log in and see if the file exists.

The problem is that USER is not owner of that file
Run " sudo chown -R $USER ~/.ssh " and try again

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@hlolve thank you!!! This helped solve that error.

However, afterwards I faced an SSH authentication error despite being able to remote SSH into the server from the client.

@anders I took a step back and started from scratch using a Raspberry Pi with the Ubuntu OS. I was able to get that working correctly. This is my preferred method for now instead of relying on a paid VPS.

Thank you both! Really appreciate the help and insight.

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Is there a reason you’re using a different user for SSH and running the boringproxy server? There could be security issues with this setup, but I’m not certain.

Or maybe you’re using the same user but the first time you ran the server was with sudo and so it created the file with the wrong permissions?