Local Yunohost with BoringProxy VPS server

Is anyone using boringproxy on a VPS and the client on a local machine running Yunohost? I am not an experienced self-hoster. I am trying to decide whether to flash my NUC with Yunohost, Proxmox, or something else. I am guessing simple things like Jellyfin or nextcloud on Yunohost would work easily with Boringproxy, but I am wondering about more complex things like Misskey, Pleroma, an XMPP server, etc that require more complex DNS configuration and portforwarding. Hoping to not do portforwarding and just use Boringproxy instead.

I’ve never tried Yunohost, but it seems to be popular. I think your assessment is pretty good. Simpler services should work quite well over boringproxy. I’d be more wary about chatty protocols.

There was a user a while back who ran into issues trying to run Matrix (Solving tcp over tcp slowdown, adding sshuttle support?). Not sure if ActivityPub (Misskey, Pleroma, etc) is as chatty as Matrix but you might have similar issues.

I’m (slowly) working on a successor to boringproxy that supports QUIC tunnels. This should make it less likely to run into performance problems. The connection speed can still be a bottleneck, but it should make more things work.

I haven’t tried Boring Proxy yet but you can use holesail.io to access VPS from your localhost without port forwarding or additional configuration.