Issues with boring-proxy docker

So I’m using the files at to create my boring-proxy server but it seems like its not able to start.
My docker logs are -

root@server:~/boringproxy# docker logs boringproxy-server
2022/02/22 22:25:34 Starting up
2022/02/22 22:25:34 failed reading boringproxy_db.json

After which I have this repeating on a loop (I’ve changed to my domain name*)

Your sites will be served over HTTPS automatically using an automated CA.
By continuing, you agree to the CA’s terms of service.
Please enter your email address to signify agreement and to be notified
in case of issues. You can leave it blank, but we don’t recommend it.
2022/02/22 22:25:36 obtaining certificate: [] Obtain: registering account [] with server: provisioning client: performing request: Get “”: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority
Email address: 2022/02/22 22:25:37 Starting up

Hey @junglesucks, I’m not as familiar with the Docker stuff. I can take a closer look tomorrow, but @WGrobler might know what the issue is.

Hi @junglesucks,

Looking at the output you supplied, it looks like you are trying to obtain a certificate for for the domain If this is the case, you are receiving an error because this domain does not exist and its not pointing to your server.

You should change the admin-domain (text “”) in the local docker-compose to a domain pointing to your server. Have a look at the docs, the docker setup is the same as the normal usage as outlined in the docs, the only difference is that you start with docker instead of calling the executable directly.

I’ve identified some issues in the docker server setup, sorry about this. When starting the container, boringproxy server requires manual input to accept the terms of the CA. Since the server is started in a container the manual input method is not working.

Due to the abovementioned issue, the current docker-compose files on boringproxy:master can’t be started. For now, you can find the latest changes on my branch WGrobler/boringproxy/tree/docker-server. Please update your local files with the files found in the branch. I’ve also updated the remote image to reflect the changes. You will have to re-download the latest image from remote to use the new setup.

@anders, I’ve create a pull req for the changes. If you have any thoughts on the implementation of the auto accept, we can discuss it on the PR.

Hey @WGrobler,
I did say in my post I changed my domain name, I just didn’t want to display it here.

I’ll try out the new files, thanks for updating them :D.I set it up again with systemd yesterday because this didn’t work, but I’d rather have it as a docker container.

I missed that in your original message. Please try the new files and let me know if you are still unable to access.

I’ve previousy received a x509: certificate signed by unknown authority error when I tried to access boringproxy behind a Cloudflare proxy. Don’t know if its related to your issue.

Thanks @WGrobler. I’ve merged the PR.