How to set up domain with Cloudflared Tunnel

Hi! I just bought my first ever domain and I would like to use it to redirect traffic to my FoundryVTT server using Cloudflared Tunnel. At the moment, I use ngrok and it works fine but I am tired of the randomly generated address.
I have no idea what the options TYPE, HOST, VALUE, TTL, Priority means.
Is there a guide of absolute newbies?

Here is the cloudflared guide.

I chose NS in the TYPE field.

For the HOST field, I don’t know what to input because it seems to be a subdomain from the one I bought?

VALUE is the address of the nameserver.

TTL is set to 300


Am i doing this right?


Hey @Eric_Fortin, excited for you to have your first domain! is designed for people just like you.

Since you’re wanting to use Cloudflare, you’ll need to give them control over your DNS nameservers. This functionality didn’t exist in, but I just implemented it.

When you go to add your site in Cloudflare, at some point it will tell you to set your nameservers. On scroll to the bottom of the page (below records) to set the nameservers.

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