Help regarding Basic Boringproxy setup in windows Machine

Consider me as a Noob in tunneling / reverse Proxy etc.

I have a windows PC running Emby server. I’m behind CG-NAT based ISP I even don’t have basic ports opened (80, 443). I tried Ngrok and it works good but don’t support custom domain in free tier and after searching several hours and ended up here.

What I have.

  1. Server PC with good internet connection (Emby running on this machine which is behind CG-NAT)
  2. Working domain I purchased before (

Now I need to access Emby from internet. I don’t want any security things for this since this machine is dedicated to only media purpose so no privacy related content is there.

I tried boringproxy on start itself I don’t understand how to start a server

Example: boringproxy server -admin-domain

Do I need to transfer my domain to

Do i need a dedicated VPS to atten what I need?