Have domain and vps and local selfhosted apps, don't know how to configure

I’m following all your instructions, but having a hard time.
I got a domain name on your service. Now I want to use the subdomain apps I have running locally and somehow connect it through an external vps to your takingnames. I installed boringproxy on the vps following your instructions, but when i run the server command, i get no solvers available.
I also don’t know what to do on the takingnames web admin, and everything in your video is not there. All i can do is create a and cname entries etc, but even that I don’t know where to point it…to vps/boringproxy? to takingnames? What is happening?

OK I almost have this working! I run the client pointed to the boringproxy admin address and using a token, and the tunnels seem to connect until i get this error…

BoreTunnel error: Failed to dial: %!(EXTRA *errors.errorString=ssh: handshake failed: ssh: unable to authenticate, attempted methods [none publickey], no supported methods remain)

Hi @jenny787. Yeah unfortunately the demo videos are pretty out of date with the current versions of boringproxy. Also, while TakingNames.io is a nice option if you want a simple domain registrar, the automation bits from the demo are definitely alpha quality. I haven’t made time to improve that part as I’ve been focused on other selfhosting projects.

It sounds like your main problem currently is with creating the SSH tunnel. First, are you able to SSH directly into your VPS? I’m assuming so but want to make sure.

Besides that, I’ve just released v0.10.0, which includes some fixes which are likely to resolve this problem. If you can give that a try please let me know if it’s working.

Yes I can directly ssh into the vps. I’ve been trying various things, and just now I had something work well, which is somebody wrote a nice script for establishing the tunnel successfully from my home network to an oracle cloud vps. So the tunnel is working. I now have removed forwarding port 80 and 443 from my home network and they now go through the vps. the reverse proxy i am using is swag. But now I am having trouble with the cert issuing on swag. It’s easy with cloudflare, but otherwise I do not know the settings yet.
Now, the above is one solution I am trying. But i was excited about boringproxy to make this all easier. Everything worked, but I got that error connecting the two. Only that script i mentioned was able to do with the oracle cloud. Yours gave me an error and so did many other tunneling scripts I tried.

Unfortunately in cases where there are issues like this, boringproxy usually requires you to have significant devops or development experience in order to debug. I generally recommend Cloudflare Tunnel for most people if they’re not interested in digging into the details.

If you’re set on selfhosting your tunnel system, you might be able to find another option on the list here that’s more production-ready (I recommend starting with frp):

I already have cloudlfare running fine. I was trying to move away from it as their TOS is restrictive. I’m no expert but I can tinker around as needed. I was under the impression that boringproxy was making all this very easy…it almost is! But yes, I need to figure out what the situation is as all the other solutions (other than cloudflare) hit the same snag boringproxy does. I’m sure there is something about my firewall I don’t yet understand.

Gotcha. Have you tried Caddy for your reverse proxy? It’s very user friendly and makes TLS certs easy.

I can use caddy, but I’d rather not. I already moved from nginx proxy manager to swag. swag is very very easy. I really think it’s a network/firewall configuration issue. When my firewall was simply my asus router, everything was working. Now that I moved the firewall to an opnsense machine, I am having trouble properly forwarding ports 80 and 443. I have spent days on it, I just don’t understand the details. I’m almost going to hire someone just to setup the damn web server.