Handshake hns support

Does boringproxy work with decentralized dns provider handshake.org …hns protocol?

Hi @avi, boringproxy does not support this at this time, and no plans to do so currently. Looks like an interesting project though!

ok.thanks for the reply. yes looks interesting. with no expiry and rentals like like legacy, blockchain based tld domains seem to be having a more user owned domain system as against icann.

@anders, from your knowledge and experience do you see any setbacks of using a blockchain for tld’s. would appreciate your insights in this, as im not well versed on this topic but may be getting carried away by hype or media buzz. thanks.

Generally one big problem with blockchain and other strong crypto tech is that if you lose your private key you’ve 100% lost your assets tied to it, and there’s nothing anyone can do to fix it. I’m not sure how/if hns solves that.

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There is one interesting project…i have stumbled upon and wish ti share it. It eliminates the need for servers and p2p and punching nat holes. checkout socketsupply.co