GET /api/tunnels

Hi, and thanks for a fantastic project.

Like many others, I had the SSL auth issue, but the beta build supplied by Anders solved it, also the addition of a configurable ssh port/address is much appreciated. Handshake failed: ssh: unable to authenticate

Back to this post; I see that the client is requesting tunnels every second - is there a way to change this frequency? - besides forking the project.

The tunnels are not likely to be updated in our environment (and if so, it would probably trigger a restart of the client anyway).

With a few clients, this is for sure ok, but with a higher client count, this it’s an unnecessary overhead.

Has anyone tested with 100+ clients on the same server?

Again, thanks for a fantastic project.


Hey @Martin, thanks for the kind words, and sorry for the delay.

boringproxy doesn’t currently have a way to override the polling interval, but it’s a feature I’ve wanted for a while, so at your prompting I went ahead and imlpemented it. You can now provide -polling-interval-ms when running the client. Default is 2000 (2 seconds). If you set it to 0, it will disable polling entirely, requiring a restart to get any configuration updates from the server.

You’ll need to use the master builds to get this functionality:

Let me know if this works for you. Eventually I’d like to implement long polling to get instant updates without spamming the server with tons of requests.

Hi @anders

This is awesome, thanks a lot for your effort.


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