Forwarding UDP port range


I want to setup a WebRTC server ( LiveKit )
Is it possible to proxy UDP ? Actualy in caddy I do it with GitHub - mholt/caddy-l4: Layer 4 (TCP/UDP) app for Caddy extension.


Hey @Pierre_NOCERA, boringproxy doesn’t support UDP. I’d recommend checking this list for a similar tool that does:

frp is probably your best bet.

I’m also working on a successor to boringproxy that will support UDP. Beta will hopefully be out soon.

Also given that you’ve already managed to get caddy-l4 working, that’s a solid option. Pair it with WireGuard and you basically have your own alternative to boringproxy with UDP support, but far more production quality.

Hi @anders I realized that and went back to caddy L4. however I find boringproxy is a pretty cool piece of code / features. Thanks for the links

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