Forwarding UDP port range


I want to setup a WebRTC server ( LiveKit )
Is it possible to proxy UDP ? Actualy in caddy I do it with GitHub - mholt/caddy-l4: Layer 4 (TCP/UDP) app for Caddy extension.


Hey @Pierre_NOCERA, boringproxy doesn’t support UDP. I’d recommend checking this list for a similar tool that does:

frp is probably your best bet.

I’m also working on a successor to boringproxy that will support UDP. Beta will hopefully be out soon.

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Also given that you’ve already managed to get caddy-l4 working, that’s a solid option. Pair it with WireGuard and you basically have your own alternative to boringproxy with UDP support, but far more production quality.

Hi @anders I realized that and went back to caddy L4. however I find boringproxy is a pretty cool piece of code / features. Thanks for the links


This is great news. Would like to be notified when that happens. Could also test it prerelease, if u can make it available. Let me know. Thanks, Avi

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@avi I’ll probably send out an announcement email to everyone on IndieBits when it’s ready to play with, since most current users came here for boringproxy in the first place.


did u check holesail… seems interesting… .

Looks interesting! I opened an issue to looking into adding it to the list.

yes…it uses holepunch another interesting thing…check this too and would love to know what you think… thanks. avi

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hey @anders , did u get time to check on the holepunch framework ? would like to get a critique/evaluation from you on that, when possible. thanks.

Hey @avi. Unfortunately not yet. I haven’t been working much on tunneling the last few weeks. Got a higher priority project that’s been taking some bandwidth.