Followed all the steps, but can't get site working?

So I am trying this once again, and this time I am getting closer, but still my site won’t load with the external domain. Here’s what i did:

On the Oracle Cloud VPS:
Iinstalled boringproxy server, and it is running, no problems

On my home local machine:
I have a simple IIS html site with port 8000. This network, fyi, also has a reverse proxy on it serving other webapps on another domain. but thhis particular html site is not on it, and only runs locally for now. So I am testing it with the takingnames domain and boringproxy.

I use the windows boringproxy client command to connect the tunnel. it’s working, and the command line reports:

and i can also confirm it is talking to the oracle VPS because i can see the logs

in boringproxy, I made a tunnel for the html site, using port 8000.
but with the address, nothing loads. it is not working. What can I do?

edit. now i see there are some errors:

 BoreTunnel error:  Unable to register tcp forward for ssh: tcpip-forward request denied by peer

Holy crap it works!!

For the tunnel, instead o, use

This is pretty amazing.

Well, it works for a while, and then it just stops working. When I stop the client command and do it again, now it says make sure server is running, and it is.

Hey @jenny787, not sure what could be going on here. If you restart the server and client does it work for a while?