Failed to access [IP]:80/443 from the internet

Hey everyone.

I’m trying to run the latest version of BoringProxy on my existing DigitalOcean VPS (which already serves web traffic).

I can access the server using [IP]:80 and [IP]:443. I can connect to these ports using telnet from a separate machine.

Is this issue due to already serving traffic over 80/443?

The addresses listed are accessible via browser

So you already have another process binding ports 80/443? In that case boringproxy server should fail to start at all.

Or maybe you’re using something like iptables to forward 80/443?

I’m not sure boringproxy will function without TLS. I think some people have managed to run it behind another reverse proxy like nginx or Caddy, but it’s designed to work standalone.

Ah, that makes perfect sense. I don’t know why I didn’t see the obvious issue.


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