Expose local Mastodon instance using Boringproxy?


I’m trying to host a personal Mastodon instance on a Raspberry Pi 4 at my home LAN and expose it publicly to the internet trough a VPS with a public IP using Boringproxy.
I already have both the bp client (RPI) and server (VPS) running, and everything is working good (setup a tunnel for a simple HTTP server on a subdomain, and works fine).
But I can’t achieve this with Mastodon.

Is this possible to achieve using only Boringproxy? or do I need an extra piece of software?
And, if possible, could you help me to understand if I need to get a certificate manually for the subdomain where I want to host the instance, or Boringproxy handles all of this?

As you might noticed, my lack of experience is what has me a bit lost :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!
Kind regards.

Hi @El_Mexicano.

Unfortunately I haven’t personally run a Mastodon server so I’m not sure I’ll be much help. I don’t know of any reason this wouldn’t work.

Can you give more details what steps you’ve taken and where it breaks down?

As long as your DNS records are pointed at your VPS, boringproxy should be able to handle the certs for you.