Do I need a public IP for boringproxy?

Hey, I’m new to this and don’t know much about it. Sorry if my question is dumb.
I want to setup a server with boring proxy because I have NO public IP provided by my ISP (I’m in a NAT).

I tried out ngrok and it was very easy because I only needed to start the exe type in my port and then could start the server. The server was accesible from outside through a link provided by ngrok.
The disadvantage of ngrok is that I get random links and I think my speed is throttled.

Hi @otto. Don’t worry, no such thing as dumb questions!

You will need a public IP to use boringproxy. The way most people do this is by getting a VPS from somewhere like DigitalOcean or AWS. Typically you’ll be paying $3-$6 a month for that. If you know how to do that (or even already have a VPS set up) boringproxy is pretty easy to use.

If not, I’d recommend checking the list here for other non self-hosted alternatives that might be faster than ngrok:

There are lots of free ones, but you have to keep in mind what their incentives are. Sometimes it’s out of the goodness of their hearts, but how long will such a service be around?

I can recommend Cloudlfare Tunnel since their incentives make sense (loss leader product).

Thank you very much for your fast and helpful reply.
I will try it out!

Anyway, Good luck with your project!

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