Cheapest VSP to run boringproxy?

I probably want to run at most 1-3 sites through boringproxy. What are the minimum VPS requirements for that?

Also, when will the official boringproxy service be up?



Hey @palomnik, are you just running websites or do you need to do things like video streaming?

Plans for an official service are currently on hold. There are many high quality alternatives at the moment. I’d recommend Cloudflare Tunnel or checking the list here:

I just want to work on/share a few sites under development without spending too much to do it. I was happy with localtunnel, but it has been down for days.

I have been attempting to implement your idea for running a site through an SSH tunnel, which works, but it won’t let me login to Wordpress -I just get a 404 on the login page. I would be happy with that if I could get it to work.

Ngrok is too expensive. I might have considered the expense of expose, but it is way too slow. I am slowly working through your list, but I have yet to try the cloud flare. I’ll look at the pricing for that next.

Ugh. Cloud flare makes too many demands. I just want something extremely simple. Will boringproxy run on a VPS with 512M of ram? What are the system requirements?

For basic sites you can probably use the cheapest/free VPSes. I believe Oracle cloud has a free tier.

What demands exactly are a problem with Cloudflare? It’s the only free production-quality option I’m aware of.

Maybe take a look at tsocket. It’s a newer option that looks decent: