Bug: Admin Panel Does Not Have an Option to Create Tunnels under a Client Owned By Another User

Running boringproxy v0.10

My admin panel (at admin.example.com) does not give the option to create a Tunnel (add Tunnel) under any clients besides the one I own (myserver)
However, if I use Inspect Element and add the other client as an <option> it still allows me to submit and create the tunnel

As an admin, I should be able to add these tunnels without using inspect element

Suggested Fix:
When creating the Add Tunnel page (Which I’m assuming is created dynamically, or at least the options are), add all clients (or all clients controlled by non-admins) to the Client option

I just noticed a similar issue on github

Which mentions this very topic. It does not, however, mention that the admin still has control through a simple html editing trick

I’m not exactly sure what kind of structural hierarchy boringproxy is attempting, but from what I gather tunnels which are owned by users who cannot access the admin UI can only be forwarded to by admins who edit the HTML, since the option is not there by default

Currently, I would suggest that admins should be able to edit any tunnels that either
A) They own
B) Are owned by a user who cannot access the admin UI

I would also suggest that an intermediate type of account be made which can edit tunnels for itself, so admins cannot edit them, but which cannot edit other user’s tunnels or see the user tokens like admins can