hello there

i came across boringproxy as i m trying to find a way to run again my wireguard vpn with my windows/android client.
in the country where i am right now ,they have started to block eveything and they are blocking the wireguard handshake happening so we have to hide this behind something.

i would like to see/learnn from you if that would be possible and if yes how should i setup this.
i have an ubuntu server outside and and i have a windows pc and an android phone as client

let me know if there is anything doable

edit1 , i ve tried to install ans start a server but i m not getting anything similar to the video as i m not having any token nor any link , i , just having a ready message and lot of msg with my domain name but nothing similar to the video.
what am i doing wrong?

Hey @papa,

boringproxy probably isn’t a good fit for this. Not what it’s designed for, and even if you can make it work, you’ll be tunneling UDP through TCP which is very inefficient.

Are you sure it’s your country blocking WireGuard specifically? It might be your ISP blocking UDP or similar.

My recommendation would be to try Tailscale, which is based on WireGuard. If that works you know the problem is something else. If it doesn’t work the Tailscale guys might be able to help you debug the exact cause.

What are you using the VPN for? If you’re specifically trying to selfhost, boringproxy may still solve your problem directly, without using WireGuard at all.

hi @anders
i don t want to tunnel the entire wireguard tunnel.
i m in the country where there is lot of trouble at the moment with internet. i have understood that they are blocking the handshake so if the hshake can t happened ;the wg tunnel can t be established.

i ve tried tailscale as the principe is same than in wg ,nothing is happening.
can you specify the last sentence? i m not getting any of the things you are getting in the video, i have the domain name already …

What is your main goal? boringproxy is designed to tunnel through things like CGNAT for selfhosting services at home. If you’re trying to accomplish something other than that, it’s probably not the right tool for the job.